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The Benefits of Yummly as a User or a Food Blogger is a recipe aggregation website that allows users to save recipes they would like to try in the click of a button.

It is almost a required service for food bloggers and there are hundreds of articles by food bloggers explaining how Yummly helps drive traffic.

There are notably far fewer articles, it seems to me, on how it helps the rest of the world. An unhealthy focus by food bloggers for food bloggers that I’d like to balance in the article.

photo of woman using a mobile phone to search for recipe
Search with Mobile or Desktop then Just Click That Recipe to Yummly

Yummly Benefits for Bloggers

I’ll tackle this first as the subject helps an understanding of how Yummly actually helps the rest of the world – those who are not bloggers and for whom the word “WordPress” might conjure up images of a pile of books being compressed in a vice more than a content management system used by content publishers.

Bloggers, and especially food bloggers, want to show the world their opinions, experiences and things they’ve discovered. For foodies that mean recipes, tastes and making food look pretty.

It’s all very well spending hours recipe testing, hours waiting for the right light for a photo and hours writing up how to replicate that wonder in a blog post, but all will be in vain if no-one sees your artistry.

For that you need traffic. Not the kind you encounter on the way to work but Internet Traffic which means eyes on your site.

Bloggers send traffic to their site by pushing out notices in the form of Tweets, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook posts as well as hoping Google’s spider crawls along to look at your code and turn it into a somewhere a searcher can land.

Yummly is another way that people can see your artistry visually at the same time as seeing the recipe and so is a good place for Food Bloggers to display their creations.

By spending a few minutes adding a button to their website alongside the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest icons they can hopefully get a few users to click and save their recipe thus giving it more authority and hopefully more exposure.

photo of chicken pie - a reciupe you might make to use up left-over chicken
Here’s a left-over Chicken Idea – Good for Turkey Too

Benefits of Yummly for the Rest of the World

So why would a non-blogger be interested in signing up for Yummly?

Well, it’s free so that is a very good reason right off the bat but there has to be more. And there is!

How many times have you scoured the internet looking for a recipe to cook to use up that left-over chicken for instance? And on your digital journey, how many recipes have you mentally noted to try that doesn’t help your chicken on its way to your table but which would be a great try for another day?

Then, of course, 5 minutes or 5 days later you recall seeing the recipe and can’t find it again? Hours lost in your determined searching.

That is where Yummly comes in.

All you need to do is click the button on your friendly food blogger’s website and the recipe is saved in your account in Yummly.

Weeks or years later you can go to Yummly to find all those recipes you knew you wanted to try. Better still you can categorize them however you like. Keep all desserts together, or spicy food to try or recipes with chicken.

If you are charged with cooking for the family, that is a huge time saver and the power of Yummly for the rest of the world.

It’s good! And so easy to use no matter you are on the desktop at work, on your tablet or using a mobile. Simples!

Go over to Yummly and create yourself an account ready for saving all those yummy recipes you are about to find – it’s free!!

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